T9+ Soft Feel Golf Balls

The special 'High Energy Core' combines with a brand new DuPont Surlyn cover for the perfect mixture of feel and distance.
The John Letters T9+ Golf Balls have a triple layer construction and a specially designed 85 compression core to allow super soft feel, whilst still being incredibly long from the tee.

A newly developed 'High Energy Core' technology provides greater initial velocity with low driver spin for outstanding distance from the tee and fairway.

The 3 layer construction works perfectly together to give a buttery soft feel with your short irons around the green and control and workability with the long irons.

An advanced DuPontâ„¢ developed Surlyn cover has enhanced physical properties versus conventional plastics to give a more durable coating without loosing any feel.

The mantle layer sits just under the outer cover and uses DuPont's HPF 2000 technology to produce a much higher COR with lower compressions and outstanding all round performance.

An advanced 392 dimple design helps to create extra stability in windy conditions, giving extra accuracy and a more penetrating ball flight.

Printed on each side of the ball are the John Letters T9+ logo and arrow alignment guide. This is superb for lining up your putts or drives.
Available In
12 Dozen