Each iron and hybrid set in the John Letters range is crafted to give you stunning performance. Hybrid sets like the T9+ and T8 replace hard to hit long irons with the latest hybrid technology, creating height and distance to get you closer to the green. Low handicap golfers benefit from the super-soft 1020 Carbon Steel head of the F90 forged irons, producing ultimate feel and shot-shaping performance.

TR47 Irons

Tradition and the very latest in golf technology have been combined to create the TR47 hybrid iron set. This set combines Hybrids, cavity back irons and a bladed SW so optimise every area of iron play.

T8+ Hybrid Iron Set

Let John Letters improve your game with the T8+ Hybrid Irons which have been designed for the mid to high handicapper to improve your distance and consistency on the course. The breakthroughs in technology combined with a stunning new look to offer a complete range of hybrids and irons

T8 Hybrid Irons (Lds/Jnr)

John Letters have poured all of their knowledge and 90 plus years of club designing and technology into making the T8 Hybrid iron sets to make it suitable for Ladies and Juniors to give amazing forgiveness on the golf course!

Master Model Blade

Continuing with our traditions in manufacturing the finest golf clubs, we have released our new stunning looking 1020 forged blade. This is designed for the professional, strong amateur golfer or your pure traditionalist.

Master Model Black Irons

2011 sees the return of one of the most famous and sought after irons in golfing history. Designed for the Professionals and low handicap golfers, the new Master Model is the finest iron John Letters have ever crafted.

Master Model

Unmatched performance, feel and looks the John Letters Master model has always been at the pinnacle of golf design and quality. Hand built and crafted from 8620 carbon steel for world beating quality.